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Today, we were forced to attend a Grant-Writing workshop, but since it turned out to be helpful and since there were large chocolate-macadamia cookies, I am not bitter.

Notes on how to find good Grants & Opportunities, how to write a sucessful proposal, and what the people doling out the money are thinking-- Perhaps these things help you )
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I am curiously unexcited.

Finding a flat in America, re-learning how to drive (I have a liscense from when I was 17, but have not driven since), finding out about my program, teaching myself more Spanish, making preparations to move, making preparations to travel this summer...

I don't want to do any of it.

Somehow, all I want to do is sit in my room and watch Blackadder or Family Guy, and occasionally get my heart rate up by moshing or satisfy my need for human contact by visiting with friends.

I hope this isn't a long-term thing, as these things do need to be done. It seems like now that I have got in, the exciting bit is over. I know what's in my future, and I'm in no particular hurry to go meet it head on, not even if it would prove advantageous.

I've had a few days where I've felt up to researching some things, but for the most part, all of the things I've told myself I would do I am leaving undone.

Everything is kind of anticlimactic now.


Apr. 11th, 2007 10:06 pm
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One of my friends is a nontraditional student, so he's just now getting back into higher education. He's been having low Bs/Cs on his marked history essays, with the same sorts of comments on each of them telling him what is wrong, but not telling him how to improve.

Mostly because I do want to help him, but also selfishly because I want to see if I am actually capable of helping him, I volunteered to give him a tutorial about how to tackle the weak points in his essays and improve his score. I went through all of his old papers, took a note of the professor's comments, and drafted a plan of his weak spots and what he could do to overcome them.

He sent me the rough draft of his latest essay today, and I'm excited, because it's far better than anything that I have read of his so far. There are still parts that need a lot of work, but the overall picture is so much clearer. It helps that he's got a good historian's instinct, but he did almost everything right... he chose the correct evidence to use, pitted historians from different camps against one another to find the truth, found enough primary source material to back up his own claims, and structured it quite well.

He was the one who wrote the essay, but I'm the one who got a little dose of pride. It also gives me hope-- yes, he's a model pupil who wanted to learn, and was willing to do all the work I asked of him, but if I'm capable of teaching something so that someone smart but not professional can understand it, then my future students need not fear.
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People here consider Phil Collins and Elton John "Soft Rock". *sigh*

I don't think I'm going to be getting enough of metal, no matter which school I pick.

I *WILL* learn to love the banjo. I WILL.
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It's a bit odd not haunting my mailbox, waiting for the elusive acceptances. It feels far more than a bit odd being sad that for me, the limbo of the applications process is well and truly over. I've applied, I got my results, and a good part of my soul is still left for my supervisor or advisor to destroy as s/he sees fit.

I fly for my visits on Thursday.

My friend found a 10quid pair of New Rock boots in the second-hand charity shop down the street for me. I consider this a very good omen, as I have been going on about buying some for months but couldn't work up the courage to plunk down what is almost $200 on shoes, not even to treat myself, even if they come with a lifetime guarantee. The ones I have now are the orginals made in the 1970s, and on Monday, I will take them to a cobbler to see if the soles can be evened up a bit.
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On my way to a meeting yesterday, I bumped into my 4th year history advisor-- the guy who really helped me refine my historical skills and learn the patience to sucessfully research three 4,000 word papers. For the first time ever, I called him by his first name, and he did not correct me.

He was incredibly excited about my news, and couldn't believe so much money was at stake.

The best bit though, was when we were comparing the British and the American PhD, and I said "well, I feel ready to jump into a Dissertation right away, but they will make me take 2 years of classes first." and he said "Oh, yes, you are definitely ready."


It's much easier to have faith in yourself when others do, too.
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Ah, I finally have the money from ETS. All of it. It feels so good. My Credit Union Rocks!

By the way-- I have started to make more and more of my entries friends-only becuase of the personal nature of the posts, so if you are an anonymous reader, consider coming out of the woodwork so that I can add you if you want to know what has been going on.


Feb. 12th, 2007 02:38 am
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...So apparently ETS doesn't want to give my money back, ever. The bank sent me some kind of 'under oath' paperwork to fill out and then my account will be credited the money I claim is missing. Who credits it, I wonder? Does the Bank just cover me? Or does the Bank give me back my money, and then take ETS to court? Who knows.

Also, I was on Phds.org looking up various things to put into my spreadsheet, and found that the lowest average time for completion of a history PhD is still 8.3 years (at Rice), and the longer ones are like 17-19 years.

Who in their right minds would spend 19 years doing a PhD?????? It would fill my heart with nothing but violence.
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Remember the Dentistry school fiasco?

Well, I emailed the history department of that Uni to be sure that they have a complete file for me, or to at least see what I needed to overnight to them, and I got an ambiguous response:

"I'm sorry you've been caused this anxiety. Your application file
is complete and has been reviewed. Admission offers will go
out next week. Could you please advise the School of Dentistry
to forward your documents, whatever they are, to me via the intramural
address below."

If it's complete, and has been reviewed, then presumably they don't need whatever the Dentistry department has? And if it has been reviewed, and admission offers go out next week, does that mean that one may go out to me?

This University didn't excite me so much. (That has nothing to do with the mix-up, it's a small Uni, in the middle of nowhere, with fewer opportunities to do stuff, or go places other than cowfields). However, there *is* one god-like professor there who is sexy as hell (and I mean that in the most polite academic sense of course). He dives for pirate shipwrecks and has his own boat.

I bet the University are nice to him, because one too many ill-scheduled seminars or contentious meetings, and he can hop onto his boat and become a pirate. He's only teaching at Uni because he wants to. He takes life on his own terms.

He is the dreadpirateprofessor.


Feb. 9th, 2007 03:40 am
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One of my Universities with the later deadlines just got back to me (after my email one month ago) telling me that While the School of Dentistry had most of my things, my GRE scores got sent to the Biology Department and they could not find my application form.



I mean, I can understand crossed wires with one department, but with two? How on earth could history materials have made it to dentistry and/or biology? And how could they not have thought something odd was going on? I mean, did they read my SOP and think "hmm, that's odd. It's about pirates.... Oh well, pirates make the best dentists!" ???

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Okay, so I get a letter from the place that accepted me, telling me that all of the stuff they will be paying for me amounts to $145,000.

And instead of going "Wah-HEY, I don't even know what that kind of cash looks like!" I think "Oh poo, I'll have to teach 20 hours a week for it."

What the hell is wrong with me?

Why is it that when I get my heart's desire, my heart moves on to something even more unattainable before I even have enough time to celebrate?

Other people would kill to be in the position I am in. Heck, last week, I would have killed to be in the position I am in now. Someone from a family like mine should never have had an opportunity like this.

I am excited. I *AM* excited.

I am so pissed off with myself for not appreciating this more.
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I don't have time to worry about the future. If I get accepted, or if I don't, I still have far too much to do to worry about it. No use souring these next few days/weeks/months with worries--- they wont make the news come any faster.

I've got a life to live!

So screw you, Universities and your pointless waiting games. Screw you in the bum.


Jan. 29th, 2007 07:09 pm
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My friend got her first two rejections today! :(

I'm trying to hold back the tears, and am probably taking it worse than she is!!!!!
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If last year was any indication to go by, I should be hearing back any day now. At the gradcafe, a person heard back from one of my programs on the 25th of January. A second place made decisions on the 2nd of February, and another one of my programs released acceptances as well as rejections on the 8th of February...

Ooooooh, these next few days will be hard!


Jan. 27th, 2007 07:59 pm
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On Wikipedia, they mention a cocktail called "The Dirty Diaper", which consists of "A shot of tequila in a shot glass, the inside of which has been covered with mayonnaise."


It sounds like a punishment/penalty drink that you'd have to take during a really evil drinking game...

(Oh, crap, must connect this post to Uni in some tangential way... umm... I guess you could make this the punishment drink for a university-based drinking game? You know, the one where if the class suck-up mentions how much they love the readings that were assigned, you take a drink. If the professor starts with an opening and everyone avoids his eye, drink two. If the word "epistemology" is said before minute 5 of the seminar, choose one person to have a drinking contest with, the loser of who must down a dirty diaper.... I think I'm overthinking this.)
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I was talking to Sandy today (who is from the former East Germany) and we were joking about universities having to take us for our diversity. She was like "I'm the international female victim of communism, they have to take me!" and I was like "And I must struggle to overcome my mixed-heritage, military past."

We have become waking stereotypes! :-P

It sounds like the back of a very bad Oprah's bookclub novel...

*Edited to add: It's always about overcoming your past and returning to your roots. From now, "The Graduate Experience" becomes "Operation: Overcoming your past and returning to your roots."


Jan. 26th, 2007 10:07 am
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"FINAL weekly email notification."

This is it, they're taking the apps to the dark scary room full of sandwitches, and only some of us shall emerge triumphant.
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I think I'm becoming bitchy & evil in this new age of waiting.

The littlest things are annoying me now.

The latest?

Caution: Verbal Bile )
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