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I think I'm becoming bitchy & evil in this new age of waiting.

The littlest things are annoying me now.

The latest?

People who go to the Who_got_In and applyingtograd communities asking "Does anyone know of any good so-and-so programs?" or worse "Has anyone come accross programs in this subject that are fully funded?"

I know, logically, that I'm being bitter here, since my first thought is "Well, I, along with everyone else here, had to spend countless hours online researching every single university, checking out all of their rankings, professors, publications, and funding opportunities... and you just want us to give you a list?"

Locially, that's just mean. Once I get into a program, I'll happily distribute a list of programs that I found that offer full funding. But for now?

Let them suffer! >:-D

Oh, and while I'm spewing forth the poison in my heart, I also wanted to bitch about the people who are like "I know I'm late for applying to 2007 entry, but I just now decided that this is what I want to do. Can you guys read my SOP, show me some good programs, and will anyone here review my writing sample, or give me advice on what I should write about? Can anyone here tell me how to ask for a rec letter?" GRRRRRRR.

Just one more.

"I know that the review_my_SOP community is for SOPs, but no one over there has read mine, so I'll cross post it. Please read!" with no offer to read anyone else's. Someone once had the audacity to ask how I got so many people to read mine...

Simple, you just read theirs in exchange. And you do a good job. You don't just make one half-assed comment, but actually help them. (With one, I made a half-assed comment, but it was amazing, I just couldn't find anyway to make it better than it was.)

I sincerely hope that none of these lazy people will be in my cohort (and I hope that there's not some cruel wishmaster out there going "your wish is my command" and then admits them, but not me!), for it will drive me insane. I've always been happy to help people that wanted to learn, and who put in the work, but people who just want you to do their work for them?

It enrages me. Always has.

The day I become a TA will be a black day for lazy students. BLACK.
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