Jan. 20th, 2007 10:45 am
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Poo, another weekend.

Not only has one week gone by without any sort of acceptance or rejection (all I've gotten is the annoying email from this one Uni who write me an automated one every single week to tell me what I've got in and what they don't have from me yet. I had everything in in November, so this is like the 9th such email I've had.) but now there are two guaranteed days where I wont have any word.

I never knew I could reach such obsessive heights.

I'm so certain that in a year from now, I'll be cursing my past self for obsessivley wishing this onto myself, like the girl that set up the grad cafe.

Today, I'll write a lot.
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Wow, is the customer service at my bank helpful!

It was definitley not an error on their part (like I suspected), so they have filed a dispute for me, and will take up the fight with ETS to get my money back.


Who would have thought that I would tout praises of the engine of capitalism?

Well, my bank is a credit-union, which may explain why it rocks.
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Despite me sending IRREFUTABLE PROOF that the money ETS claims they have sent me is NOT in my account, I got an email back saying "Nope, we sent it. Call your bank."

Now, I have been with this bank for about 10 years. They sometimes irritate me by thinking that my account has been stolen and so they make me call to verify that it hasn't, but they have never made a slip up with my money.

ETS, on the other hand, has messed up absolutley EVERYTHING it has ever touched, so I'm more inclined to believe my bank.

I'll call, like an idiot, and see what they say.

It's *possible* that they made an error.

Pigs could fly. Hell could freeze...

I just CAN'T see this being the bank's fault.

What the heck do I do if the bank doesn't know anything about it? Does the BBB handle this?
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I come back from Karovy Vary (was great, by the way, although there were definitley not enough lepers), and what email is in my inbox?

No, not an acceptance, but a letter from ETS, telling me that *their* records indicate that they credited my account on the 16 of December. I wrote them back asking them to check again, since my bankstatements from both December AND January prove differently.

WHY? How can one company be so incredibly crap?

Yay, away!

Jan. 14th, 2007 08:18 pm
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Phew, off to Karlovy Vary (Czech) for a few days to meet with Sandy (the girl that's been going through this process with me in Scotland, we both are in different parts of Germany, and Czech is a good meeting point as it's in the middle). I'm really looking forward to the change of scenery. We're going to take a dip in the healing waters with all the lepers! :-D

(Clarification: I'm not Christian, but I'm a Religious Studies fanatic, and visiting holy sites ranks right up there with visiting museums, eating cookies, kickboxing, and cuddling animals)

It will also be great, becuase we can spend the ENTIRE time talking about Uni crap. The minute details of each of our 10 schools, what we will do when we go to America, which cities we could end up in, what our correspondance with these schools has been like, what kind of stipend money we hope to get, what if we end up at the same place, etc etc. Yay!
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Do you remember how a while back I had Three Bazillion problems with ETS and GRE?

The latest being that they took my money for the test three times, and I was trying to get it back?

The email I got back from the ETS was like "Oh sure, no problem", and I, like a fool, believed them.

My bank statement came in today, and, again, like a fool, I went to go check it, looking for the money from ETS.

It was, of course, not there.

Oh, the violence, oh the rage.

I'm on a mission, now!
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*sigh* The weekend.

No emails about acceptance or rejection come on the weekend.

I have found one thing though--- my novel is getting written so much quicker becuase I have started working on my journal submission. I've finally figured it out... as long I have two things to do, I can use each as a procrastination for the other. It's like having two boyfriends, without the heartache or STDs.

Me so Lazy

Jan. 10th, 2007 07:12 pm
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I've wasted the day away, and I can't remember how!

Towards about 6, I began getting anxious that I did nothing (I don't mind doing nothing, but doing nothing when you are in the "i will do work" mindset is the worst, since you don't really enjoy doing nothing, yet you have nothing to show for your day. If you tell yourself in advance that you have nothing to do all day, then you end up having so much more fun and relaxation.) that I pulled out some copies and finally decided which journal I am going to submit to first.

First, I pulled out the 7 or so journals that would be the most perfect for me, where I'd have a lot less work to do revising and rewriting, and out of those, I chose the one that allows online submissions without making you print off 4 copies and send them in. Yeah, I know, quality, but I'm lazy and to be fair, our nearest post office is quite far away.

I'm working on the assumption that, like grad school applications, you have a 1/10 chance. So I'll probably end up re-submitting anyways.

Tommorow, my goal is to scrutinize the specifications, and then work on pulling the best 8,000 words out of my dissertation to fit the purpose. Then I'll have to rework the style, as it wasn't written according to whatever style it is they want, let it sit, and after Czech, go back and do it again before submission.

Hmm, I'm feeling distinctly unexcited about this. And about everything.

Coud this be post-application blues? I feel like going back to bed and hoping for a more productive tommorow.
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Ever since I looked up authors (I love to read, and always look up the authors online to find out a bit about them) and found out that some of them are "writers in residence" I have wondered what it meant. I kind of pictured some writer in their pygamas living in a hotel handing out business cards or typing on their laptop at the poolside. I wondered how on earth people could justify having some kind of mascot-writer living in their place, just so that they could point and go "yep, that's our writer."

Well... I found out that that's precisley what it is. The British Art Council actually gives out Grants to organisations that want a Writer in Residence... and the organisations can by anyplace--- museums, hotels, B&Bs, Prisons, etc. (although why you'd want to be resident in a prison by choice... well, I suppose it's interesting from an athropological angle). So you just apply for a grant, then woo a writer to become your writer-in-residence.

Their job then is to make you look good. So they give conferences, public readings to your patrons, lectures, host writing workshops, and it's a mutual publicity-fest.

Now that sounds like the life.

Unfortunatley, they wont take a chance on someone that's not published anything, so best brush off those dusty manuscripts, but what a job!

I mean, You could sleep in Marie Antoinette's bed at the Metropolitan Museum as the writer-in-residence (well, probably not, but Claudia and Jamie from the Mixed Up Files of Ms Basil E. Frankweiler did it) and spend your days being a typing hippie.

I could SO dig it.


Dec. 31st, 2006 07:48 pm
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Just finished my last application! W00T! With 4 hours and 15 minutes to spare! (Relax, I wasn't going to spend my last few hours in 2006 worrying over apps)

I really liked this one, it had spaces where you could upload an infinite number things. I'm sure they just do that to put you at ease, and secretly throw away most crap, but it did make me feel better that there was space for everything that I have ever produced, EVER, in this entire application process.

So they got their special essay (they gave the question, this was the only university that did this), my standard writing sample, a copy of my undergraduate dissertation, a page with additional information (just an explanation of some things that don't translate well accross academic cultures, like wierd British grades), a diversity statement (I had to chop my existing one in half, and found that killing the baby comes easy now), and my CV.

Anyways, enjoy the last bit of 2006, and I wish you all many great discoveries in 2007.

Now, to hit neglected punch-bowl!


A new low

Dec. 30th, 2006 05:51 pm
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I must admit it!

I just spend about half an hour on Who_got_In looking at people that got into or rejected from the programs I'm applying to so that I would have an idea of when the news is coming and how.

Oh, the sadness.

But I guess it's not as sad as checking the websites everyday for 3 months as I wait. As of now, I'm refusing to become a slave to that sort of obsessie behaviour.

Wonder how long the resolve will last...

On the plus side, I found out that most programs tell you that you'll find out mid-march or so, but some accept as early as beginning of February. It would be great to hear back that soon!
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Today I was able to get the first draft of my additional essay for my last application done. Tonight I'll revise for content, and tomorow for grammar and linguistical style, and then send it off before midnight. Then my applications process will be finished!

I also managed to finish an application for a scholarship contest thing. It's not much-- between 1 and 5,000 depending on which place you win, but they don't stipulate how you have to use it, and it would be a really nice plane ticket to America, or start of a grad library. I'm sure hundreds will apply and my shot isn't that great, but the entry was electronic and free, and it didn't take much effort, so I had nothing to lose really.

I'm looking forward to the New Year. I plan on spending January transferring all of my musical CDs to my new external harddrive that I got for Xmas, and scanning in all of my notes from Undergraduate (They took up an entire suitcase and weighed 30 Kilos altogether!) to PDF files and storing them there, too in case I ever need to look up something. I'm sure I'll end up throwing away half without scanning, but here I have the time and luxury to sort through and re-read everything. I also want to finish my novel (I'm 24,000 words in atm) by the end of January so that I can swap it over with a friend for editing. I also want to doctor some of my dissertation and submit to journals. I've already found a load of journals that I could submit to, I just need to decide in which order I'll submit and how I can get the maximum benefit with the least amount of work.

I've got nothing else to do for the month, so hopefully that will keep me busy and not worrying about acceptances/rejections etc.


Thank You

Dec. 29th, 2006 08:05 pm
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Thank you all for your kind thoughts. The procedure went far better than was expected, and Tarzan got to come home with us today!

He's currently sitting on the couch feeling sorry for himself and blaming me (as I handed him over to the vet), and occasionally crying a bit, but they expect a full recovery and the pain should ease up around the 2nd or 3rd of January.

I was so worried-- by all rights this could have gone very badly, I feel so grateful and lucky that it didn't!

My plan is to have my last application in on Sunday so that I can end them all this year and have next year reserved soley for worrying the results.
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My 13 yr old dog is incredibly ill and I am taking him to a specialist to go in for an overnight (actually, over-year, as he is going in 2006 and not coming out, if he does, till 2007) operation tomorow. I'm worried sick to the point where I really feel physically ill.

And of course I still haven't got that last application with a due-date of Jan 2 out of the way. I worked on a lot of it this morning (luckily!) before I found out that he was sick, and all I have left to do is sythnesise my notes into a coherent 1,000 word essay and attatch it, then make the payment.

I am determined to get this out of the way before the year ends. Somehow. It's my own fault for leaving it this long, anyways.

If you have any sort of vibe-sending ability, please send them over to him (he's called Tarzan) from tommorow and through the weekend.
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Gah, I'm having one of those days where I'm thinking "gosh, 10 is not enough... I should have applied to more...."

Becuase of my GRE scores, I can almost discount the Ivies of my list... that's half. Then of the other 5, I fit realy well with 4. Out of those 4, two schools are really good, and two are still great but with slightly lower standards.

Now not even my safeties seem safe.

Stupid waiting game. I'm trying ot be as busy as possible, and I do have a billion things to do, but my head keeps going back to it.
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Hmm, just found out my last deadline is Jan 2, not Jan 15.

Not that it changes much really, but it gives me less time to procrastinate with Stargate episodes. (SG1, not Atlantis. God help any of you if you ever try to get me to watch Atlantis with you!)

I've been in a funk as of late. My GREs didn't come back as well as I hoped/expected, and so my confidence is a bit shot. Luckily, I did get 9/10 of my applications completed before I found out my score, and I'm still confident about 5 of the Universities. However, this last one is the most prestigious out of the 10, and isn't a 100% fit.

I keep going back and forth between "ah, what the heck? I've still got a decent shot, and I should try, so at least I'll know and have no regrets later" to "Hopeless, why waste that much money on the application fee for somewhere I probably wont get into? I wont be the best 2% of all the applicants for sure."

My friends are being good friends and encouraging me to apply, and I really should just suck it up and do it. It's just one more essay and about 100 more bucks, right?

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I was surfing some of the web pages of the schools I have applied going "wow, if I get into here, I could have smoothies for breakfast every day," and "Why wont the webcam let me see *INSIDE* the gym???" (tell me you don't do it. tell me!) and I came across a delighful phrase to the effect of "our funding is all merit based, so that everyone regardless of income can have a fair chance".

WHAT???? That's not even remotely how it works.

huge long rant about the unfairness of it all )
Hmm, I somehow lost track of where I'm going. So I'm just going to re-note my displeasure and get back to packing my suitcase.
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I sent an email yesterday asking for a refund for the extra times that I had to pay for the GRE (3 x $160 = Pissed-off me), and they told me "okay, done" (not in those words, but it was super-easy).

My latest online statement only goes up to the 12th of this month, so it will take a month of waiting to see if they actually did it (surely theres a way i can find out, I could just call the bank, but I don't really feel like making a long-distance call, I'm too busy and am flying home thursday morning) but I do feel that this was FAR too easy for an ETS experience.

It must be a trick. It *has* to be.

Also, the GRE scores seem to have been recieved by my universities.

Could it be? Could ETS be doing *SOME*thing right?

I am highly sceptical.
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...at least with contact and organisation. Which, if I'm going to be spending 5 years anywhere, is quite important, as an inefficient school will drive me insane and cause me to kill. Well, perhaps not kill, but do *some*thing dratic, I'm sure.

One of my schools is amazing. Several times, I've gotten an email reply just a few hours after calling or emailing to ask or check something. Their administrators are worth gold!

Others, it's a whole song and dance and "we'll call you back" (lies, all lies) or "check this website" (link was broken) or "i'm sure that this is on the website. oh, wait, no it's not. my bad" (grr!) or "so wait, you're from SCOTland?" (no! I'm not!! And even if I were, I wouldn't have to take the TOEFL or IELTS becuase people in Scotland speak English!)

If I get accepted into the song and dance uni, I'll have to think long and hard about whether I can put up with this. I'm sure it's easier to put up with when you are near the campus and make physical threats (again, a joke) and can visit the offices personally, but these are the same people that would inevitably misplace my intent to graduate form.
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It's true that you never really know a person until you have seen them drunk.

The work Xmas dinner/party was hillarious. I really enjoyed it.

What I enjoyed most of all though, is being mentioned again in the curator's speech.

Because I am a praise-monkey who craves praise for things that I take pride in.

Oh, the sadness.
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