Feb. 11th, 2007

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Remember the Dentistry school fiasco?

Well, I emailed the history department of that Uni to be sure that they have a complete file for me, or to at least see what I needed to overnight to them, and I got an ambiguous response:

"I'm sorry you've been caused this anxiety. Your application file
is complete and has been reviewed. Admission offers will go
out next week. Could you please advise the School of Dentistry
to forward your documents, whatever they are, to me via the intramural
address below."

If it's complete, and has been reviewed, then presumably they don't need whatever the Dentistry department has? And if it has been reviewed, and admission offers go out next week, does that mean that one may go out to me?

This University didn't excite me so much. (That has nothing to do with the mix-up, it's a small Uni, in the middle of nowhere, with fewer opportunities to do stuff, or go places other than cowfields). However, there *is* one god-like professor there who is sexy as hell (and I mean that in the most polite academic sense of course). He dives for pirate shipwrecks and has his own boat.

I bet the University are nice to him, because one too many ill-scheduled seminars or contentious meetings, and he can hop onto his boat and become a pirate. He's only teaching at Uni because he wants to. He takes life on his own terms.

He is the dreadpirateprofessor.


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