Jan. 17th, 2007

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I come back from Karovy Vary (was great, by the way, although there were definitley not enough lepers), and what email is in my inbox?

No, not an acceptance, but a letter from ETS, telling me that *their* records indicate that they credited my account on the 16 of December. I wrote them back asking them to check again, since my bankstatements from both December AND January prove differently.

WHY? How can one company be so incredibly crap?
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Despite me sending IRREFUTABLE PROOF that the money ETS claims they have sent me is NOT in my account, I got an email back saying "Nope, we sent it. Call your bank."

Now, I have been with this bank for about 10 years. They sometimes irritate me by thinking that my account has been stolen and so they make me call to verify that it hasn't, but they have never made a slip up with my money.

ETS, on the other hand, has messed up absolutley EVERYTHING it has ever touched, so I'm more inclined to believe my bank.

I'll call, like an idiot, and see what they say.

It's *possible* that they made an error.

Pigs could fly. Hell could freeze...

I just CAN'T see this being the bank's fault.

What the heck do I do if the bank doesn't know anything about it? Does the BBB handle this?


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