Jan. 6th, 2007

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Ever since I looked up authors (I love to read, and always look up the authors online to find out a bit about them) and found out that some of them are "writers in residence" I have wondered what it meant. I kind of pictured some writer in their pygamas living in a hotel handing out business cards or typing on their laptop at the poolside. I wondered how on earth people could justify having some kind of mascot-writer living in their place, just so that they could point and go "yep, that's our writer."

Well... I found out that that's precisley what it is. The British Art Council actually gives out Grants to organisations that want a Writer in Residence... and the organisations can by anyplace--- museums, hotels, B&Bs, Prisons, etc. (although why you'd want to be resident in a prison by choice... well, I suppose it's interesting from an athropological angle). So you just apply for a grant, then woo a writer to become your writer-in-residence.

Their job then is to make you look good. So they give conferences, public readings to your patrons, lectures, host writing workshops, and it's a mutual publicity-fest.

Now that sounds like the life.

Unfortunatley, they wont take a chance on someone that's not published anything, so best brush off those dusty manuscripts, but what a job!

I mean, You could sleep in Marie Antoinette's bed at the Metropolitan Museum as the writer-in-residence (well, probably not, but Claudia and Jamie from the Mixed Up Files of Ms Basil E. Frankweiler did it) and spend your days being a typing hippie.

I could SO dig it.


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